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If You Are Ready to Discover Inner Peace … 

Then THIS is For You!

"Rewriting the Narrative"

Guided Meditation 




Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey towards healing and empowerment?


Experience the incredible benefits of this FREE guided meditation:


Find Inner Calm: Release the tension and anxiety that trauma has left behind.

✨ Reconnect with Yourself: Rediscover your inner strength and resilience.

✨ Embrace Your Potential: Break free from the chains of your past and step into your full potential.


Connect with your inner peace through the evidence-backed benefits of guided meditation. 


A recent study’s findings reveal the astounding improvements possible in just 10 days of practicing meditation:


• 14% Reduction in Stress Levels
• 27% Decrease in Irritability
• 57% Decrease in Aggression


These are not just numbers, they represent your potential for positive change.

Don't allow your past to define your future.

Take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow.




Hi! I'm Harriet M. Harris





I guide motivated individuals towards financial freedom and limitless living by unlocking unlimited income streams. I believe in overcoming personal roadblocks to success and I'm committed to assisting you in your journey towards achieving your best life.


I’m devoted to a mission of empowerment and healing, striving every day to help individuals affected by trauma understand that they are not their past and that they possess the power to shape a future rich with possibility and joy.


My journey as a successful business owner, custom merchandise creator, podcast host, and self-published author has not only equipped me with a multifaceted skill set, but also the wisdom to navigate the landscape of diverse income sources.


My passion includes empowering others to raise their voices and share their stories through podcasting, a medium close to my heart. I am eager to share the wisdom and strategies I've cultivated from hosting You Are Not Your Trauma™️ podcast, helping aspiring podcasters to build engaged, empathetic communities around their own unique voices.


I am committed to providing support and guidance on your journey toward financial and personal growth, helping you to not only build wealth but to carve out a path to a life of freedom and unlimited possibilities. I fervently believe in the transformative power of healing from past traumas, in seeing oneself through a lens of truth and potential, and in the incredible liberation that comes from breaking free from limiting beliefs.


Whether you're taking the first steps or you're well on your path to recovery, I am here to work alongside you, fostering a nurturing environment where you can grow, thrive, and ultimately, live a life not just free from trauma, but enriched with boundless opportunities and happiness. 

With Rewriting the Narrative Guided Meditation, you're not just gaining a tool for healing, you’re taking a step closer to your own transformation. Your journey to healing begins with a single click.


Download your free guided meditation today and take control of your narrative.