A Summit Where We Break Free Together

Imagine a Journey Tailored Just for You!


A.S.C.E.N.D. isn’t just the summit’s name—it’s your personal roadmap designed to guide you through a transformative process. This journey will help you Activate your deepest potential, Strengthen your resilience, Connect with like-minded individuals, Empower yourself with knowledge, Navigate through life’s challenges, and Dream bigger than ever before.

It’s your step-by-step guide to moving from the shadows of the past into the bright light of your future at

The First-Ever A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit!

June 28 - 29, 2024









Ever have days of feeling stuck, like your past traumas had you in a chokehold?

Yeah, me too. I lived years hidden behind a curtain of shame and silence, thinking that was all life had in store for me. But … I was wrong, and if you’re feeling the same way, so are you.


That’s exactly why I created the A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit. It’s the event I wish I had when I was at my lowest.


If you’ve ever felt like your past traumas were keeping you stuck, like an invisible barrier between you and the life you deserve, then the A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit is where you need to be! 

Brought to You by You Are Not Your Trauma™ Podcast

A.S.C.E.N.D. is the first-ever gathering of its kind, designed specifically for people like you who are ready to move from just surviving to absolutely thriving.


This summit is your invitation to start a new chapter — so prepare yourself for an  experience that’s about real healing, genuine connections, and practical steps toward a brighter future.


No it isn’t just another conference. 


It’s a call to arms for all of us wanting more - more joy, more strength, more life. It’s about turning your collective pain into your greatest power.



Elevate Your A.S.C.E.N.D. Experience with Ascend Elite VIP Access

Take your A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit journey to extraordinary heights — we are rolling out the red carpet for our VIPs!!


As an Ascend Elite VIP, you’ll enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • VIP Cocktail Hour: Begin your summit journey with an exclusive cocktail hour on Thursday evening.
  • Elite Seating: Secure your front-row seat to inspiration with priority seating during all keynotes and panel sessions.
  • Elite Elevation Kits: Unpack premium goodies in your special swag bag, thoughtfully curated to enhance your growth and journey.
  • VIP Lunch on Day 1: An exclusive lunch experience designed for networking and relaxation, especially for VIP guests.

This enhanced access is your ticket to making the A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit not just an event you attended, but an experience that stays with you forever.


Early Bird


Ends 4/30/24

  • Discounted Pricing: Take advantage of significantly reduced ticket prices before they increase.

  • Full Access to All Sessions: Attend all keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and workshops.

  • Standard Seating: Guaranteed seating in the general session area.

  • Summit Materials: Access to all digital summit materials and resources.





  • Priority Seating: Enjoy front row seating to all summit events.
  • Elite Elevation Kits: Exclusive VIP swag bag.
  • VIP Lunch: Attend an exclusive lunch for VIP’s only on Day 1.
  • Pre-Event Registration and Cocktail Hour: Smooth, early registration and a special cocktail hour the night before the summit starts.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Access to VIP-only cocktail hour/networking event with speakers and other VIP attendees on Thursday.

2-for-1 Buddy Pass


  • Shared Experience: Bring a friend along to share the transformative summit experience.
  • Cost Efficiency: Greatly reduced cost per person, making it more accessible.
  • Dual Access: Both attendees enjoy full access to all sessions, materials, and standard networking opportunities.
  • Motivational Support: Experience the journey of personal growth and learning with a friend or colleague, enhancing the overall experience.

General Admission


  • Access to All Sessions: Attend all keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and workshops.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors.
  • Summit Materials: Access to all digital summit materials and resources.
  • Standard Seating: Comfortable seating in the general session area. 





The A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit Was Designed to Stand Out by Providing:

  • Real Talk and Real Transformation: Expect keynotes and workshops that dive deep into the heart of healing and empowerment. We’re talking about the kind of conversations that spark change and the kind of practical advice you can start using the second you walk out the door.
  • Community and Connection: You’ll be in good company with others who understand your journey. Plus, with a resource fair and vendors specifically chosen for you, you’ll find tools and connections that support your path to thriving.
  • VIP Experience: For those who want a little extra, our VIP options come with early registration, a swag bag full of goodies, lunch provided, and other perks to make your summit experience even more memorable.
  • More Than Just Talks: With breakout session workshops, entertainment, and interactive activities, we’re setting the stage for both healing and growth. It’s about learning, yes, but also about having fun and making meaningful connections along the way.


Here’s why this summit is the shake-up you’ve been waiting for:

  • Deep Healing Dive: We’re going all in with workshops and talks that get to the heart of healing. This is personal, profound, and all about moving forward.
  • Find Your People: This is where you meet your tribe - the ones who get it because they’ve lived it, too.
  • Fuel Your Fire: Ready for some real-life inspo? We’ve got stories of resilience that’ll light up your world and show you what’s possible.
  • Skills for the Road Ahead: Leave with a toolkit full of strategies to keep you strong, empowered, and chasing those dreams.


What’s On the Agenda:

  • Day 1 - Activate, Strengthen & Connect: Hit the ground running with sessions designed to fire up your inner spark, discover your strength and forge deep connections.
  • Day 2 - Empower, Navigate & Dream: Dive deeper with insights on self-empowerment, setting your course and dreaming big, because your future has no limits.

Meet the Host:

Hi! I’m Harriet M. Harris,

The Limitless Business Coach &

Host, You Are Not Your Trauma™ Podcast

I have walked through the fire of trauma and emerged unscathed and illuminated. 
After over three decades of allowing my trauma to define me, I decided I couldn’t stay stuck any longer.  I began to navigate my journey of healing from a childhood trauma that held me bound for way too long to a place of empowerment and purpose.  My experience allows me to provide both my personal insights and expertise in every lesson. My unique blend of lived experience, comprehensive knowledge of trauma recovery, and innovative teaching methods makes me the perfect guide for your journey of transformation.
I believe in overcoming personal roadblocks to success and I'm committed to assisting you in your journey towards achieving your best life.


I’m devoted to a mission of empowerment and healing, striving every day to help individuals affected by trauma understand that they are not their past and that they possess the power to shape a future rich with possibility and joy.

I have turned my deepest wounds into a source of wisdom, empathy, and strength. And you can too!  Whether you're taking the first steps or you're well on your path to recovery, I am here to work alongside you, fostering a nurturing environment where you can grow, thrive, and ultimately, live a life not just free from trauma, but enriched with boundless opportunities and happiness.

The A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit is more than an event—it’s a turning point. It’s where “I survived” transforms into “I thrive.” It’s for anyone who’s ever felt weighed down by their past and is ready for a future filled with potential.



1512 Edison St, Dallas, TX 75207


Amanda Herd
Dr. Veirdre Jackson
Nichole Lee
Kristen Montero Morris

Breakout Session Leaders

Building a Self Care Routine
Alethia Faison
Creative Journaling
Sarah King
Create with Healing Intention
Dr. Nicole Pertillar
More Sessions will be announced soon..     



LaNessa Jackson
Nichole Lee
Dr. Nicole Pertillar

What You’ll Walk Away With:

  • A Blueprint for Thriving: Strategies that will guide you in every part of your life.
  • A Supportive Circle: Connections with people who will continue to inspire and support you long after the summit ends.
  • Tools to Grow: From workshops tackling everything to empowering yourself to setting and smashing goals.
  • Joy and Healing: Discover how laughter and healing can be two sides of the same coin through our unique activities.

Ready to Secure Your Spot?

If you’re done letting your past call the shots and ready for a community that lifts you up, the A.S.C.E.N.D. Summit is your starting spot.



Let’s not spend another day wishing for change. It’s time to step up, heal, and thrive together. Can’t wait to see you there!