Episode 10: Dealing With Guilt and Shame of Trauma

Dealing with the guilt and shame of trauma is a challenge that many people face. Trauma doesn't end with the experience itself; it continues to have an effect on your life even after the trauma has ended. It's not uncommon for people who have experienced trauma to feel guilty, ashamed, or even responsible for what happened. But these feelings are not true, and they do not reflect the reality of what happened. On this episode, our guest is Tarsha Calhoun who talks about how trauma is a painful experience that can leave you feeling guilty and ashamed, even when what you experienced was not your fault. She discusses why those feelings are common after trauma and offers some tips for dealing with them.

Tarsha Calhoun

Tarsha Calhoun, the Founder and CEO of IgnitHER Wellness Consulting, LLC.- a total transformation for the total woman coaching, consulting and training company. Tarsha is a dynamic inspirational speaker, clarity of purpose coach and leader. She is the founder of Sis, Get UP....We Got Work To Do Movement. Her passion is igniting women who lack clarity in finding meaning in their lives rediscover who they are, recreate joy and redefine their purpose. She equips them with the necessary tools and resources by using her 8 Step Sis. Get UP! System to quantum leap into the life they were created to live. Tarsha is a woman of faith and believes strongly life is to be lived on purpose for purpose with purpose.

Guest Contact Info:

Clarity Coach/ Founder and CEO IgnitHER Wellness Consulting: [email protected] 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarsha.johnsoncalhoun/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tarshacalhoun

inkedin: inkedin.com/in/tarsha-calhoun-rn-msn-mha-lwms-5a2671188/



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