About You Are Not Your Trauma Podcast 

You Are Not Your Trauma is a podcast that explores the ways in which trauma impacts our lives, and how we can use our own stories of trauma to help others.

The host,Harriet M. Harris, has struggled with her own traumatic experiences and knows what it's like to feel stuck in pain. But she also knows that there is hope for healing, and she's on a mission to help listeners find it.

In each episode, Harriet brings you compelling stories from people who have overcome trauma in their lives, as well as powerful insights from experts who have dedicated their lives to helping others heal from trauma. She also gives practical tips for how to work through your own difficult experiences, so you can move forward into a healthier life.

Harriet's goal with You Are Not Your Trauma podcast is to give people the tools they need to live with peace and purpose—and know that they are not alone on their journey.