Episode 9: Why We Need to Talk About Trauma More Often Than We Do

(And How To Do It)

Trauma is all around us, but we don't talk about it as much as we should. But if you're a human being, you've experienced trauma in some form or another, and it's important to have a place to share your experiences. In this episode, we're talking to Debra Barnes-Hamilton about why we need to normalize discussing trauma so those who experience it don’t feel so isolated, as well as tips for how to open up and talk about your personal trauma.

Debra Barnes-Hamilton

Debra B. Hamilton, Relationship & Intimacy Coach Debra is CEO and Founder of Nurture Your Love. She is an International Speaker and Author. With over 39 years of experience being married, overcoming many ups and downs, and helping hundreds of women just like you get to a place of ease and joy in their marriages, I have created THIS SAFE SPACE for you to learn how to communicate your needs, share your expectations, and become very comfortable with your intimate self. I had to learn these things because as a child of childhood trauma my sense of what a marriage looked like was tainted by my experience of living with an alcoholic step-father who was abusive to my mother. 

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