Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1: Trauma Traits: Recognizing to Overcome

Air Date: 03/14/24

In the season opener of You Are Not Your Trauma, we embark on a profound journey into the world of trauma traits. This solo episode, hosted by Harriet M. Harris, founder of You Are Not Your Trauma Inc, dives deep into the characteristics often manifested by those who have experienced trauma. With a blend of personal insight and expert knowledge, Harriet guides listeners through understanding, recognizing, and managing these traits, all while emphasizing the power of self-compassion and community support. 

Harriet has dedicated herself to creating a platform that offers support, understanding, and resources to others on their healing journey. Combining lived experience with a deep commitment to helping others, Harriet brings empathy, insight, and encouragement to listeners worldwide.


Episode 2 

A Journey of Self Discovery: Navigating Unrecognized Trauma

Air Date: 03/21/24 

In this enlightening episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™, we take a deep dive into the often-overlooked aspect of unrecognized trauma. The discussion centers around how trauma isn’t always apparent or acknowledged and how these hidden emotional wounds can significantly impact our lives. Through a thought-provoking conversation with our guest, Nichole Lee, this episode aims to shed light on the subtle yet profound traumas that shape our personalities and life choices.

Nichole is a seasoned trauma-informed coach and healer known for her compassionate approach and deep understanding of the nuances of trauma. With her expertise in guiding individuals through identity and life transitions using trauma-informed strategies, Nichole offers valuable insights into recognizing and healing from unrecognized trauma.

Episode 3 Food Extremes: All or Nothing at All  

Air Date: 03/28/24

In today’s episode of  You Are Not Your Trauma™,  we discuss how sometimes, our past hurts end up shaping our relationship with food in ways we don’t even realize. Joined by guest Melissa Rohlfs, our conversation sheds light on the emotional ties that lead to compulsive eating behaviors and offers a hope for those seeking to create a nourishing relationship with food. 

Melissa is a certified holistic health and life coach with a profound dedication to assisting individuals in breaking free from the struggle with food. With a personal history that mirrors the challenges many of our listeners face, she brings not only professional expertise but also deep empathy to our discussion. Her approach integrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing, offering a comprehensive pathway out of food addiction.

Episode 4: After the Storm: The Silent Aftermath of Loss

Air Date: 04/04/2024

In this episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™, we explore the various forms of loss that extend beyond the death of a loved one, including the end of relationships, loss of identity, career changes, and the fading of dreams. Along with guest, Lisa Heacock, we discuss the importance of acknowledging silent grief, navigating the quiet period of introspection that follows significant loss, and share strategies for healing and finding new purpose.

Lisa Heacock is an International Certified and Accredited Life Coach, Grief Coach, Certified Grief Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Podcast Host, International Best-Selling Author, and Breast Cancer Survivor, joins us. Lisa has transformed her profound personal losses into a life of purpose and passion, helping others to do the same.

Episode 5: The ‘Bad Things Always Happen to Me’ Mindset: Thoughts that Keep You in the Trauma Loop

Air Date: 04/11/2024

This episode tackles the challenging mindset of “The ‘Bad Things Always Happen to Me’”,exploring its roots in trauma and strategies for overcoming it.  This discussion aims to illuminate the path out of the darkness of negative loops, offering hope, strategies, and practical advice for those seeking a way forward.

We are joined this week by Laura Ordile, a Mindset Mentor, Master Hypnotist, Professional Intuitive, and Astrologer, known for her integrative approach to healing and empowerment. With certifications in NLP and extensive experience in trauma recovery, Laura offers a unique blend of practical and intuitive strategies to help individuals navigate through and beyond their trauma.

Episode 6: Emotional Storms Within: Navigating the Intense Feelings and Mood Swings Post-Trauma

Air Date: 04/18/2024

In this episode of You Are Not Your Trauma podcast, I’m thrilled to welcome Tess Vergara, a highly acclaimed Soul Powered Executive Coach. We are discussing the complex emotional landscapes that individuals often face after traumatic experiences. Tess shares her expert advice on managing and transforming intense feelings and mood swings into sources of strength and empowerment.

Tess Vergara, previously an accountant and now a transformative Soul Powered Executive Coach, is celebrated for guiding leaders from fear-based decision-making to soul-empowered leadership. With her deep insights into the interplay between mind, heart, soul, and ego, Tess facilitates profound transformations, helping individuals to achieve both personal and professional fulfillment.

Episode 7 Healing by Design: Bridging Trauma and Transformation

Air Date: 04/25/2024

In this exclusive episode of You Are Not Your Trauma, we explore the intersection of service design and mental health support for trauma survivors within Black and oppressed communities. Our guest, Jaryn Miller, shares his expertise in Inclusive Service Design, revealing how creativity and a deep understanding of cultural and community needs can transform mental health practices.

Jaryn Miller is a leader in Inclusive Service Design, a children’s book author, and the Co-founder of Oakland Reparations. With a profound commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing, Jaryn’s work focuses on making mental health services more accessible and effective for Black and oppressed communities. His innovative approaches and deep passion for social equity make him a pivotal voice in the realm of trauma healing.

Episode 8 From Shadows to Strength: Channeling Painful Experiences into Power

Air Date: 05/2/2024

In this transformative episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ podcast I am honored to share an inspiring conversation with Soodabeh Mokry, a Registered Nurse, certified hypnotherapist, and holistic wellness coach, whose life story exemplifies the power of resilience and self-transformation.

Through her personal battles with depression and a near-fatal suicide attempt, Soodabeh discovered the pivotal role of spirituality, mindset, and forgiveness in healing from trauma. Join us as we explore how turning inward and embracing our inner strength can lead us out of the shadows of past experiences and into the empowering light of self-belief and love.

Soodabeh is not only a healthcare professional but a warrior who has turned her deepest struggles into stepping stones for healing. With her personal and professional experience, she brings a unique blend of medical knowledge and spiritual insight to her approach, making her an inspiring figure for those on their healing journeys.

Episode 9 Empowering Wellness: Voices Revolutionizing Mental Health

Air Date: 05/09/2024

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and today’s episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ podcast spotlights transformative figures in mental health. This panel discussion features trailblazers who share personal and professional perspectives on improving mental wellness across diverse communities. Our guests today offer unique insights into their journeys, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the innovative strategies they employ to foster mental health awareness and healing.

Through her personal battles with depression and a near-fatal suicide attempt, Soodabeh discovered the pivotal role of spirituality, mindset, and forgiveness in healing from trauma. Join us as we explore how turning inward and embracing our inner strength can lead us out of the shadows of past experiences and into the empowering light of self-belief and love. 

I was joined by a dynamic panel of women leading the charge in mental health advocacy and innovation.  

  • Candice Hayes, who has turned her personal journey navigating her son’s mental health into a broader mission through The Hope Journal and her eco-friendly business, Candys Candles, to promote mental wellness. 
  • Shakira Releford, an Associate Professor and behavior analyst, who uses her personal experiences with OCD and professional expertise to support neurodivergent youth through her nonprofit, Connecting Youth Achievement Center. 
  • Shawnti Refuge, CEO of Shawnti Refuge Journals, harnesses the power of guided journaling to aid individuals in processing emotional baggage, drawing on her own mental health challenges to foster healing and self-care. 
  • Dr. Carrie Young-McWilliams, an advocate for social justice and educational equity, brings her extensive experience in educational leadership to the forefront, promoting diversity and inclusivity in educational settings to enhance mental health outcomes. 

Together, these women provide a wealth of insights and innovations, collectively transforming the landscape of mental health advocacy and support.

Episode 10 Navigating Intimacy and Sexual Empowerment After Trauma

Air Date: 05/16/2024

In this powerful episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ we explore the complex and sensitive topics of intimacy and sexual empowerment after experiencing sexual trauma. This open, honest and much needed episode with Laura Jurgens, a somatic sex and relationship coach, dives into how survivors can reclaim control, confidence, and consent in their sexual lives. It offers insights into the distinctions between sex and intimacy and provides practical advice for rebuilding and empowering one’s sexual identity post-trauma.
Laura is deeply committed to helping individuals heal and thrive after sexual trauma. She combines professional expertise with personal experiences to educate and empower survivors. As an advocate for sexual health, Laura provides tools and perspectives essential for those on the path to recovery.

Episode 11 The Journey of Self-Rediscovery: Rebuilding Identity Post-Trauma

Air Date: 23/05/2024

In this episode of “You Are Not Your Trauma,” we’re diving into the journey of self-rediscovery and rebuilding identity after trauma. Our special guest, Stephany Ann, shares her incredible story of overcoming narcissistic abuse and finding her true self. This episode is all about resilience, healing, and how reprogramming our minds can help us move past trauma and embrace who we really are.

I’m thrilled to introduce Stephany Ann, an extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to supporting survivors of domestic violence. As an attorney and international best-selling author, she’s turned her personal struggles into a mission to help others. Stephany has gone through two marriages with narcissists, and her journey of self-discovery is nothing short of inspiring. She’s here to share her insights and experiences with us today.

Episode 12 The Misinterpretation of Trauma Responses as Professional Shortcomings

Air Date: 30/05/2024

In this enlightening episode, we discuss the often misunderstood ways trauma can manifest in the workplace and why these manifestations are frequently misinterpreted as professional shortcomings. Our discussion aims to shine a light on the subtle signs of trauma and explore actionable strategies to foster a more inclusive and understanding workplace environment.
Dr. Carrie Young-McWilliams is back to guide us through today’s episode. She is a fervent advocate for social justice and educational equity with a rich background in civil rights activism and educational leadership. Carrie has spearheaded transformative initiatives in various educational roles and continues her mission through her consulting service, focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) in education.

Episode 13 From Pain to Empathy: The Deepened Compassion in Trauma Survivors

Air Date: 6/06/2024

In this episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ we discuss how enduring personal challenges can profoundly deepen our capacity for empathy. Our guest, Candice Hayes, shares her remarkable journey of balancing life as a mother, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate. We explore the transformative power of pain, how it enhances our ability to connect with others, and the importance of balancing empathy with self-care.

Candice Hayes is the creator of Candys Candles and the author of the handbook “We Cleaned Our Home Yesterday.” Her personal experiences with mental health advocacy have led her to create The Hope Journal, aimed at supporting mental well-being through various thoughtful products.

Episode 14 Building Walls, Not Bridges: How Trauma Leads to Emotional Isolation

Air Date: 06/14/2024

In this compelling episode of You Are Not Your Trauma,™ we dive into how trauma often leads us to isolate ourselves emotionally, impacting our relationships and self-esteem. Join me as I chat with Tiara Riley, a motivational speaker, life coach, and author, who brings transparency and powerful insights into overcoming personal challenges.

Tiara Riley has touched many lives through her work focusing on mental health, time management, and women’s empowerment. A five-time published author, Tiara integrates her personal experiences with trauma into her coaching to guide others through their healing journeys. Today, she shares strategies for breaking down the emotional walls that trauma can build.


Episode 15 Neurodiversity and Trauma: Unraveling the Ties

Air Date: 06/20/2024

In this powerful episode of the You Are Not Your Trauma podcast, our guest, Shakira Reliford shares her unique perspective on living with OCD and how it intersects with trauma. This episode explores the intricate relationship between neurodiversity and trauma.

Shakira Robinson brings over 12 years of experience as a behavior analyst and mental health professional. She is a trauma-informed specialist, educator, and someone who has lived with OCD. Her personal experiences have fueled her passion to help others navigate the challenges of OCD and trauma. Shakira is also the founder of the Connecting Youth Achievement Center, a nonprofit that supports Black and Indigenous youth with neurodivergence in marginalized communities.