Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1: Trauma Traits: Recognizing to Overcome

Air Date: 03/14/24

In the season opener of You Are Not Your Trauma, we embark on a profound journey into the world of trauma traits. This solo episode, hosted by Harriet M. Harris, founder of You Are Not Your Trauma Inc, dives deep into the characteristics often manifested by those who have experienced trauma. With a blend of personal insight and expert knowledge, Harriet guides listeners through understanding, recognizing, and managing these traits, all while emphasizing the power of self-compassion and community support. 

Harriet has dedicated herself to creating a platform that offers support, understanding, and resources to others on their healing journey. Combining lived experience with a deep commitment to helping others, Harriet brings empathy, insight, and encouragement to listeners worldwide.


Episode 2 

A Journey of Self Discovery: Navigating Unrecognized Trauma

Air Date: 03/21/24 

In this enlightening episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™, we take a deep dive into the often-overlooked aspect of unrecognized trauma. The discussion centers around how trauma isn’t always apparent or acknowledged and how these hidden emotional wounds can significantly impact our lives. Through a thought-provoking conversation with our guest, Nichole Lee, this episode aims to shed light on the subtle yet profound traumas that shape our personalities and life choices.

Nichole is a seasoned trauma-informed coach and healer known for her compassionate approach and deep understanding of the nuances of trauma. With her expertise in guiding individuals through identity and life transitions using trauma-informed strategies, Nichole offers valuable insights into recognizing and healing from unrecognized trauma.

Episode 3 Food Extremes: All or Nothing at All  

Air Date: 03/28/24

In today’s episode of  You Are Not Your Trauma™,  we discuss how sometimes, our past hurts end up shaping our relationship with food in ways we don’t even realize. Joined by guest Melissa Rohlfs, our conversation sheds light on the emotional ties that lead to compulsive eating behaviors and offers a hope for those seeking to create a nourishing relationship with food. 

Melissa is a certified holistic health and life coach with a profound dedication to assisting individuals in breaking free from the struggle with food. With a personal history that mirrors the challenges many of our listeners face, she brings not only professional expertise but also deep empathy to our discussion. Her approach integrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing, offering a comprehensive pathway out of food addiction.