Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1: Unmasking Unresolved Trauma

Air Date: 04/20/23

Welcome to the first episode of Season 2! In this powerful episode, I had the pleasure of having Dr. Nicole Pertillar join me again on the show. In this episode, we dive into the hidden dimensions of unresolved trauma, discussing its impact and how it can resurface unexpectedly. During our conversation, we explored its effect on relationships and personal growth, as well as the critical roles that vulnerability & self compassion play in the healing process.

Episode 2: The Impact Of Childhood Trauma Part 1

Air Date: 04/27/23


In recognition of April being National Child Abuse Prevention Month, I am excited to bring you a two-part series on The Impact of Childhood Trauma. My very special guest for this series is Ms. Bianca Salazar, a social worker and champion for child Traumatology awareness, who shares her personal experience of childhood neglect and how it has influenced her work advocating for children's rights.

Episode 2: The Impact Of Childhood Trauma Part 2

Air Date: 05/04/23

In this week's episode, we continue the conversation with Ms. Bianca Salazar, a social worker, and a champion for child traumatology awareness, who began sharing with us last week the work she does to advocate for children's rights as a social worker. Today, Ms. Salazar shares valuable insights on recognizing signs of trauma in children and provides advice for individuals who have experienced childhood trauma. Her passion for helping those impacted by childhood trauma is truly inspiring.

Episode 3: Advocating for Trauma Informed Services for Children and their Families  

Air Date: 05/11/23

In today’s episode of "You Are Not Your Trauma," I am happy to have social worker Bianca Salazar with us once again to discuss the critical need for trauma-informed services for children and their families. Bianca shares her insights on how, with the right support, children can overcome the effects of childhood trauma.  Bianca provides valuable insights and guidance for anyone who has experienced childhood trauma or is seeking trauma-informed services for a child. By working together to advocate for trauma-informed policies and practices, social workers, schools, and other professionals can ensure that all children have the support and resources they need to heal and thrive.

Episode 4: Rising from the Wreckage: A Journey of Healing and Empowerment after Trauma

Air Date: 05/18/2022

In this powerful and moving episode, we speak with James Gardner, a trauma recovery coach who has not only overcome his own life-altering experiences but has made it his life's mission to help others do the same. James shares his inspiring story of resilience and healing, and insight into the strategies and tools he shares with trauma survivors to help them regain control of their lives. We discuss the importance of self-compassion, forgiveness, and embracing a mindset that doesn't allow trauma to define us.


Episode 5: Breaking The Chains Of Money Trauma 

Air Date: 5/25/2023

In this episode, we discuss a critical topic that often remains unaddressed yet impacts countless people: money trauma. This conversation aims to provide insights, strategies, and hope for those seeking to empower themselves towards financial freedom.
Our guest, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, a Multi-Award Winning Money Mindset Business Coach, Speaker, and Online Influencer, has dedicated her career to assisting individuals on their journey towards financial independence. She has created not just one, but two multi-million-dollar businesses, guiding her clients to do the same through conscious wealth creation strategies. Dr. Tracy brings an invaluable blend of personal experience and professional expertise to our discussion. We delve into the complexities of money trauma, exploring its profound effects on our lives and discussing the essential steps that can be taken to break free.


Episode 6: Breaking The Silence To Find The Right Help After Trauma 

Air Date: 6/1/2023

In this episode, we delve into the crucial topic of finding the right help after trauma. We explore the challenges survivors face when reaching out for support and discuss the various types of help available. 

Our guest, Giorgio Châtelain, a clinical social worker and trauma recovery specialist, shares his extensive experience and insights to guide us in how to break the silence and find the support needed to heal and thrive.  Giorgio has dedicated over 20 years of his life to helping trauma survivors. He has worked in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, as well as private practice. His main goal is to support individuals in their journey of self-discovery, symptom reduction, and learning better coping mechanisms for a healthier and fulfilling life.

Episode 7:  Transforming Trauma to Triumph

Air Date: 6/8/2023

In this riveting episode, we explore the extraordinary journey of resilience and transformation with our esteemed guest, Jimmi Toro - a multifaceted talent, and a living embodiment of triumph over trauma. Overcoming extreme childhood trauma, Jimmi harnessed his pain to power his purpose, leading him to establish Rescue11, a non-profit organization committed to creating a safer world for children. This episode is not just a testament to the strength of the human spirit, but a rallying call to all of us that transformation and triumph are indeed possible.

Episode 8: The Vital Role of Support Systems for Trauma Survivors

Air Date: 6/15/2023