Season 3 : Episode 12 Letting Go: The Art of Forgiveness and Release

In this episode, I had the privilege to chat with Danielle Booher who shares her journey following the tragic loss of her brother, offering insights into the complex world of grief, trauma, and the healing power of forgiveness. This episode is a profound exploration of the challenges and transformative possibilities that come from facing our deepest pains and finding a path to peace and understanding.
Danielle Booher is a Mom, Nurse, Author, Podcast Host and Grief and Trauma/PTSD Life Coach, who helps others navigate their healing journeys. Danielle's personal experience with loss and journey of forgiveness gives her a unique and empathetic perspective that she uses to help others.

Danielle Booher is a Mom, Nurse, Author, Podcast Host and Lofe Coach. She uses her experience from healing from her past trauma to now help others.

This week’s Guest:

Danielle Booher

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