Season 2 : Episode 3 

Advocating for Trauma Informed Services for Children and their Families 

In today’s episode of "You Are Not Your Trauma," I am happy to have social worker Bianca Salazar with us once again to discuss the critical need for trauma-informed services for children and their families. Bianca shares her insights on how, with the right support, children can overcome the effects of childhood trauma.  Bianca provides valuable insights and guidance for anyone who has experienced childhood trauma or is seeking trauma-informed services for a child. By working together to advocate for trauma-informed policies and practices, social workers, schools, and other professionals can ensure that all children have the support and resources they need to heal and thrive.

Bianca Salazar is a social work gladiator, an advocate for children's rights, and a champion for child traumatology awareness. She is a native of the MS Gulf Coast with approximately ten years of experience working with children and families throughout Mississippi in the Mental Health and Social Work fields, specifically abused and neglected children. Bianca currently works as an Adoption Permanency Specialist and previously worked in various settings, including but not limited to her local Child Protection Services (CPS) agency as a front-line Family Protection Specialist, domestic violence shelter as the Children Services Manager, and intensive community mental health organizations as a wraparound facilitator and primary service coordinator. She will complete her Master of Social Work degree this spring and plans to advance her efforts in protecting and advocating for the safety and wellness of children through macro-level interventions and policy.

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