Season 2 : Episode 4 Rising from the Wreckage: A Journey of Healing and Empowerment after Trauma

In this powerful and moving episode, we speak with James Gardner, a trauma recovery coach who has not only overcome his own life-altering experiences but has made it his life's mission to help others do the same. James shares his inspiring story of resilience and healing, and insight into the strategies and tools he shares with trauma survivors to help them regain control of their lives. We discuss the importance of self-compassion, forgiveness, and embracing a mindset that doesn't allow trauma to define us.

After his life was torn-apart in a car crash at the age of 5, James has spent over 3 decades piecing his life back together from scratch after doctors didn't think he'd survive. James's healing journey has taken many twists and turns which have included other near-death experiences. All of this has shaped James into who he is today, helping other people get their lives back after trauma.

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James Gardner
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