Season 2 : Episode 5 Breaking The Chains Of Money Trauma

In this episode, we discuss a critical topic that often remains unaddressed yet impacts countless people: money trauma. This conversation aims to provide insights, strategies, and hope for those seeking to empower themselves towards financial freedom.

Our guest, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, a Multi-Award Winning Money Mindset Business Coach, Speaker, and Online Influencer, has dedicated her career to assisting individuals on their journey towards financial independence. She has created not just one, but two multi-million-dollar businesses, guiding her clients to do the same through conscious wealth creation strategies. Dr. Tracy brings an invaluable blend of personal experience and professional expertise to our discussion. We delve into the complexities of money trauma, exploring its profound effects on our lives and discussing the essential steps that can be taken to break free.

Dr. Tracy Timberlake is a Multi-Award Winning Money Mindset Business Coach, Speaker and Online Influencer. In the last 7 years she has built not one, but two multi million dollar businesses and teaches her clients to do the same by focusing on methods that help them break out of the middle class money mentality and elevating to a place of conscious wealth creation.
Recipient of the prestigious Miami 40 Under 40, she has spoken on the TEDX stage, been featured on NBC, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc, it's no wonder her clients appropriately titled her "The Entrepreneur Whisperer." To date, over 15,000 people have taken her online courses, workshops and trainings.
Dr. Tracy is also Co-founder of Flourish Media and the Flourish Media Conference whose claim to fame is an annual event where they introduce women owned businesses to potential investors for seed-funding of up to $15,000,000.
She also serves on the Executive Team of the Brook Church Miami and Adjunct Professor at Trinity International University. A native of Miami, Dr. Tracy Timberlake earned a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Arts from John Brown University, and a Bachelor in Business Administration from the illustrious University of Miami (Go ‘Canes!)

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