Season 2 : Episode 8 The Vital Role of Support Systems for Trauma Survivors Part 1

In this powerful first episode of a new two-part series, I am joined by Corey Harper, a mental health professional who has devoted his career to helping trauma survivors, especially those with a history of sexual trauma. Corey will share his invaluable insights into the crucial role that support systems play in trauma recovery. He discusses the profound impact of support systems in facilitating emotional healing and psychological recovery. Filled with real-life experiences and practical insights, this series is essential listening for survivors, their loved ones, and professionals in the field.

Corey Harper is a mental health professional, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout his professional career, he’s worked in multiple roles at a psychiatric stabilization facility, and served as a therapist for children and adults with a history of sexual trauma. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree, with a focus in Sociology from Kennesaw State University. He went on to obtain a Master of Science degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology.

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Corey Harper


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