Season 4  Episode 5: The ‘Bad Things Always Happen to Me’ Mindset: Thoughts that Keep You in the Trauma Loop

This episode tackles the challenging mindset of “The ‘Bad Things Always Happen to Me’”,exploring its roots in trauma and strategies for overcoming it.  This discussion aims to illuminate the path out of the darkness of negative loops, offering hope, strategies, and practical advice for those seeking a way forward.

We are joined this week by Laura Ordile, a Mindset Mentor, Master Hypnotist, Professional Intuitive, and Astrologer, known for her integrative approach to healing and empowerment. With certifications in NLP and extensive experience in trauma recovery, Laura offers a unique blend of practical and intuitive strategies to help individuals navigate through and beyond their trauma.

Laura is a Mindset Mentor and Master Hypnotist, as well as a Professional Intuitive and Astrologer and is also certified in NLP and more. She uses that unique combination of skills to help you tap into your own success, opening up your life quickly, easily, and completely and a great side effect is that you get to hold onto your sanity and soul as you go!

She knows that when you change your mind, you’ll change your life. And she does that with a mix of the practical and the woo in a way that is designed specifically for you!

She lives in Montana with her family where she enjoys the sadly short, but amazingly beautiful summers and watches as much Sci Fi as possible to make it through the winters.

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