Season 2 : Episode 7 Transforming Trauma to Triumph

In this riveting episode, we explore the extraordinary journey of resilience and transformation with our esteemed guest, Jimmi Toro - a multifaceted talent, and a living embodiment of triumph over trauma. Overcoming extreme childhood trauma, Jimmi harnessed his pain to power his purpose, leading him to establish Rescue11, a non-profit organization committed to creating a safer world for children. This episode is not just a testament to the strength of the human spirit, but a rallying call to all of us that transformation and triumph are indeed possible.

Jimmi Toro is an American contemporary artist, author, composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and a founder of the Rescue11, a non-profit whose mission is to protect our children from awful child abusers.

Guest Contact Info:

Jimmi Torro

Email:  [email protected]





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