Season 2 : Episode 8 The Vital Role of Support Systems for Trauma Survivors Part 2

This week, in the second episode of our insightful two-part series: "The Vital Role of Support Systems for Trauma Survivors." We continue our deep-dive with Corey Harper, a seasoned mental health professional who has spent his career aiding trauma survivors, specifically those with a history of sexual trauma.

In this second episode, we'll focus on the essential elements of an effective support system and how to establish them. Corey will share his expertise on how these support systems enable trauma survivors to build resilience and better cope with personal and interpersonal consequences. He will also share valuable advice for loved ones who wish to be a part of a trauma survivor's support system, and gain insights into resources and organizations that can assist in building these networks.

Corey Harper is a mental health professional, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout his professional career, he’s worked in multiple roles at a psychiatric stabilization facility, and served as a therapist for children and adults with a history of sexual trauma. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree, with a focus in Sociology from Kennesaw State University. He went on to obtain a Master of Science degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology.

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Corey Harper

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