Season 3 : Episode 4 Healing Workplace Trauma and Finding Self-Love

In today’s episode, we’re venturing into the intricate realm of trauma-informed care. And who better to guide us than our stellar guest, Suzanne Burns? She's not just an expert at trauma-informed support she's living it daily with her remarkable maternity home initiative.

Suzanne Burns is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, Podcast host, and author. She also leads a thriving maternity home and is an advocate for trauma survivors. 

Suzanne D Burns, MS, CFTP, CTII Founder and Executive Director, Suzanne leads a thriving maternity home, with multiple sites and social enterprise. Over 100 mothers housed and over 500 served through non-residential services. Internationally recognized speaker and trainer, Podcast host, Author of 6 books on ministry startup and trauma-informed care, Suzanne and her team have trained hundreds of organizations to implement practical tools to serve "the least of these" more effectively.

This week’s Guest:

Suzanne D. Burns

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