Season 3 : Episode 5 Recognizing Triggers & Trauma Responses

In this enlightening episode, we venture into the intricate realm of triggers and trauma responses, aiming to shed light on what they are, how to spot them, and pivotal strategies to cope. We’re tapping into not just theoretical understanding, but real-life, applicable strategies.

Our guest,  Faith Koltak, is nothing short of inspiring. A trauma-conscious transformational master coach and Shamanic healer, Faith’s journey of healing is one that resonates deeply. Her story is raw, honest, and heart-wrenching, a testament to her strength and resilience. Through immense challenges, she has found her path to authentic alignment, harnessing her experiences to empower others on their journey toward healing and self-discovery. 

Faith Koltak is a trauma-conscious transformational master coach and Shamanic healer who comes from a background of significant trauma which resulted in a PTSD diagnosis. She offers coaching packages as stand-alone services or in combination with her more spiritually-centered offerings. Faith also teaches tarot, Reiki, Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities, and more, as well as speaking to audiences about healing trauma, overcoming adversity, rewiring neurology, and creating a life that is big enough for you. Before she created a life that was big enough for her, Faith earned graduate degrees in business administration and accounting and built a successful career that led to executive-level positions in corporate and not-for-profit finance and operations. Though her life looked ideal by societal standards, she found it stifling and soul-crushing, so she walked away and stepped onto the path that she walks today – the path of Authentic Alignment. That path hasn’t been easy. It required trauma work: facing an addiction to alcohol and battling through a period during which she lost her will to live. She credits the same coaching work that she offers with saving her life and putting her on the path toward healing, and is honored to offer her clients similar transformations.

This week’s Guest:

Faith Koltak

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