Season 3 : Episode 7 Transforming Trauma: Rebuilding Self through Somatic Therapy

In this episode we tackle the intricate dance between the mind and body to explore how somatic therapy can help those grappling with past traumas.

Our guest, Abbie Westgate, a former police officer whose personal and professional journey took an unexpected turn after confronting unresolved traumas. Now an advocate for somatic healing, Abbie’s story offers a raw, inspiring testament to the power of self-renewal and the pursuit of one’s mission.

I am a police officer and trauma-informed coach, using my personal experience of trauma and recovery to help others. A personal battle with trauma, after facing several bereavements, also led to physical illness that almost destroyed my career and left me wanting to end my life. I then discovered somatic healing and nervous system regulation work - the results were incredibly profound and I was able to heal from trauma in a way I never believed possible. The world of trauma and somatics has since captured my heart and I felt compelled to start sharing the message - working on the hypothesis that 'I can't be the only one'... and I was right! I now have the honor of coaching; using the tools and techniques that once saved me to transform the lives of others - helping me find true meaning, purpose and healing.

This week’s Guest:

Abbie Westgate

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