Season 3 : Episode 8 Daring to Believe I Matter… Even after Trauma

In this heartening episode we dive into the importance of self-worth and the transformative power of embracing the belief that one matters, even after experiencing the deepest of traumas.

Sue Bowles is a survivor, a champion of change, and a guiding light for many. She is a Master Certified Life and Mental Health Coach, an author, and the pioneer behind the Dare to Believe Movement. Her work and her story serve as a powerful reminder that our past does not define us and that within each of us lies an unwavering strength.

Sue Bowles is a survivor turned thriver as an author, speaker, and Master Certified Life and Mental Health Coach. Having done the hard work of healing from a childhood rape, an eating disorder, other sexual assaults, and twice considering suicide, Sue now defines the effect the life-altering events have on her. The events no longer define Sue; she defines them. “You only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you” is the bedrock to the value Sue brings. She founded My Step Ahead and is the “Chief Instigator” behind the new Dare to Believe Movement, nurturing others to ‘dare to believe that you matter,’ knowing that nothing changes until that bedrock belief is solidified. Whether speaking on a podcast, a stage, or one-on-one, Sue's enthusiasm is contagious, shining the light of hope wherever the listener needs. She is a sought-after Life Coach and Speaker, having appeared on over 100 podcasts in only 2 years. Sue’s award-winning first book, "This Much I Know...The Space Between" is available on Amazon and Kindle. She is also an invited author in the upcoming 20-author anthology “Breaking the Silence: Voices of Survivors” due out December 2023.

This week’s Guest:

Sue Bowles

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