Season 2 : Episode 14 Unveiling the Trauma of Grief

In this powerful episode, we explore the often-misunderstood journey of grief with Jessica Storch, founder of theGrief22. From experiencing the pain of multiple losses, including the tragic loss of her son, Jessica has transformed her grief into a force for good. She has dedicated her life to helping others navigate their unique paths through grief.
This intimate conversation provides insight into Jessica's journey, while providing valuable insights into the grief process, and advice on how to transform our tragedies into triumphs.
Remember, you're not alone on your journey!

Hello! My name is Jessica Storch, I am the founder of theGrief22, an organization that supports individuals who are traveling a grief journey.

My grief journey began early in life, when I was 4 my 2-year-old brother drowned. I remember that day like it just happened, I was so sad. At 18, I lost my grandfather, at 19 my stepfather who was like a father to me. In January 2005, my grandmother lost a long brutal fight with cancer. She was my favorite person and to watch her suffer was absolutely awful. A few years later, my aunt also lost a battle with cancer. Then in 2020 my son was ripped from our lives in a car accident.

My work with grief is truly motivated by the loss of my son, in losing him I gained strength, resilience, and grace to embrace my own grief. I believe that to be a gift he gave me, and I now dedicate myself to helping others embrace their grief.

To say grief has shaped my life is probably an understatement, however, I am here! Not only am I here, I am living, I am happy, I am embracing every ounce of my grief and I am thriving. My story is that of turning tragedy into triumph.

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Jessica Storch

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