Season 3 : Episode 1 Own Your Story: The Power Of Transparency

Welcome to a NEW season of You Are Not Your Trauma Podcast! In the opening episode of Season 3, the host, Harriet M. Harris, takes shares a profound journey from hiding to embracing transparency, recounting personal experiences and the divine intervention that paved the way to empowerment and healing. It is a heartfelt call to listeners to unmask their scars and to bravely step into their truths, nurturing a spirit unbroken and unbent through the power of owning their stories.


The guiding force behind “You Are Not Your Trauma” podcast is a woman of remarkable resilience and vision, rooted in her mission to foster healing from trauma. As an author, speaker, coach, and childhood trauma survivor, she is committed to bridging the gap between the life one has and the life one dreams of. 

By addressing the often-overlooked element of healing from past traumas, she champions the transformative power of turning pain into purpose, leading the way in this sacred journey of recovery.

Connect with the Host:

Harriet M. Harris, MBA

Email: [email protected]





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